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Union Press publish TWO golf-related titles, the monthly Golf Club Management, which is the official journal of the Golf Club Managers’ Association, and Greenkeeping, which comes out eleven times per year.

SIZE Specifications: Golf Club Management & Greenkeeping
Type Area [height x width] Bleed [height x width] Trim [height x width]
Double Page Spread 247 mm x 400 mm 286 mm x 446 mm 280 mm x 440 mm
Full Page 247 mm x 180 mm 286 mm x 226 mm 280 mm x 220 mm
Half Page Vertical 247 mm x 87 mm 286 mm x 110 mm 280 mm x 107 mm
Half Page Horizontal 121 mm x 180 mm 143 mm x 226 mm 140 mm x 220 mm
Quarter Page 121 mm x 87 mm not applicable not applicable

Union Press publications try to accommodate a wide a variety of materials and working practices in order make the process of supplying advertising artwork as straightforward as possible. However, when you supply your print-ready advertisement, please follow these general guidelines when preparing the digital file:

o We prefer to accept copy as production-ready PDF files. Please use the ‘PDF/X-4:2008’ Adobe PDF preset, an ISO standard for graphic content exchange, or the ‘press-ready’ PDF preset.

o Set the resolution of continuous tone photographs to 300dpi. Bitmap graphics or logos should be at a minimum of 600dpi.

o Specify all colours as CMYK values in process colour ads. Do NOT use unconverted Pantone or RGB colours; we will need to convert these to CMYK to print and the resulting tones may vary from what you have been using (this is particularly noticeable in larger, solid areas of colour). Black body type should be supplied as 100% process black, set to overprint. For headline sizes, or where type is overlaying colours, please try to use rich black (we would suggest making up a mix of 100% process black and 30% Cyan ‘shiner’). On the off-chance that you are still supplying black and white ads, these should be supplied to us as grayscale. Sending in four-colour material to reproduce in grayscale may result in a final printed product that varies from what you expect.

o Please size your ad to the correct dimensions (listed above). We cannot guarantee your ad will look exactly as sent if the size differs from our advertising specifications.

Union Press can also provide a full range of print advertising design and build services. We can often also make amendments to update existing materials if required. Please contact us on to ask for more details.

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